four four nine is our journal. It’s a record of what we’ve learned, the community we’re building, and the opportunities we have to grow at The Assembly. It is our digital field notes, a collection of takeaways from panels and workshops. It’s a place to celebrate our dynamic members. We invite you to read four four nine wherever you are in order to connect with the community.

The mission is routed in the rich history of our physical space in the Mission. This isn’t the first time women have come together at 449 14th Street in San Francisco. Before it was our place to learn, create, and move, this building was a church with a vibrant women’s group. We are still connected to that history. Shortly after launching, we received a letter from Olwen, a woman with a deep connection to this building’s history. We carry her words with us as we work to build and amplify this beautiful community. Read Olwen’s letter:

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