5 Tips for Throwing an Instagram-Worthy Dinner Party

Impress guests with these expert ideas.

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Hosting a dinner party? An original table setting will make a memorable first impression.

Angie Chang created her rental company Chairs + Cups to help clients do just that. Before launching the table decorating business, Angie spent time at Ralph Lauren as their lead designer for table top. Clearly, she has the experience needed to build a beautiful tablescape, and she recently divulged her secrets to fellow members during a workshop at The Assembly.

Below, are some of Angie’s best tips. Follow them, and your guests will be whipping out their phones to snap photos as soon as they walk in the door.

Create Texture and Volume

Table runner or tablecloth? You don’t have to choose. Layering a runner over a tablecloth is one way to create texture. Then, add floral centerpieces on top for volume. Angie says to think of your table as a triangle, with the plates forming the base on each side and the top of your floral arrangement acting as the apex. This symmetry and height will keep your table from falling flat. And if you’d rather not do a large centerpiece, try layering eucalyptus or olive branches on the table to create an affordable and natural garland.

Embrace New Trends, Retire Old Ones  

A terrazzo example from Crate & Barrel.

Experimenting with fresh trends can delight your guests. Angie is currently into the terrazzo trend, inspired by a traditional flooring material consisting of chipped marble or granite set in concrete. You can work this trend into your tablescape with terrazzo inspired paper products or dishesOne trend Angie is ready to retire? Millennial pink. Instead, Angie prefers a more mature color, like mauve.

Use Candles, Candles, and More Candles

Angie is obsessed with candles, and for good reason. They can create a romantic or intimate setting for very little money. She recommends votive cups, and says it’s practically impossible to have too many.  

Have One Bouquet for Every 6 People

Balance and symmetry are important to creating a dinner party setting that just feels right. So here’s Angie’s expert advice: place one floral arrangement per six people (that means 3 across from it on each side). She also recommends sticking to the rule of odds, and using 3, 5, or 7 statement flowers in each bouquet.

Add Personality

Have a little fun with your table setting. Maybe you want to use an old dress as a table runner (real tip from Angie). You could also bring out brightly-colored dish ware, use your favorite citrus fruit as decoration, or create place cards using playful nicknames for friends. Don’t be afraid to mix in some of your own taste.

Feel ready to host an epic dinner party? We’ll be right over . . .

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