Clubhouse Callouts

Issue 03

Welcome to our series Clubhouse Callouts, wherein we share your exciting news with The Assembly community. We want to help you celebrate your successes! This can be personal, professional, fitness-related, or just something you’re proud to share. You can also submit something exciting on another member’s behalf. Update us here and check back to see what our awesome community conquers next. 

Susannah Cohen has spent the last few months in The Assembly tapping away at articles for OK Whatever, a new online magazine based in Oakland “where news gets weird.” It’s finally live, now with more fashion and beauty content. If you have a weird or random story to share, she’s all ears. After 20 years, Susannah is excited to be back doing independent journalism. It’s never too late to rediscover what you love!

Katherine Buck launched The Party Jacket, a line inspired by the colors of San Francisco and the culture of disco music. If you’re looking for a colorful and unique gift to give this holiday season check out The Party Jacket website.

Kristen Winzent is hosting a happy hour in SF to raise funds for The National Center for Youth Law, a non-profit organization based in Oakland that advocates for immigrant children nationwide. NCYL attorneys are also currently litigating multiple lawsuits to challenge the practices and policies that unlawfully prolong detention and keep families apart. The happy hour will be Wednesday, 12/12 from 5pm-8pm with all proceeds benefitting NCYL. If you’re unable to make it, please donate and spread the word. More info here: Event Registration and Facebook Event Page.

Renee Frojo is launching a new motherhood magazine that has nothing to do with parenting. It will serve as a resource, guide, and celebration of mothers as women first. It’s called Woman Born. And they’re seeking contributors! Renée would love to hear from anyone with a business to promote or a story to share in this space. You can email her:

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