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A welcome note from our co-founder, Molly.

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When the letter arrived, we almost missed it. Tucked between two credit card offers, lay an inconspicuous envelope addressed to The Assembly. No name, no indication of what it contained. To think, these words that have come to mean so much to us almost didn’t get read. But thankfully, that’s not how this story goes.

My cofounder Carnet and I first stepped foot in 449 14th St. in April of 2017. We signed the lease in July. We opened The Assembly in January of 2018. Every day since then, these four walls and 7000-some-odd square feet have been filled with magic created by our members and our community. We often talked about the communities that came before ours and knew a bit of the history – one congregation to another over 100 years until the church closed its doors in 2014. We knew the building was built in 1905 and burned down in 1906. We knew there was a steeple that was never finished. We knew it was special from our first breath inside these doors.

In building The Assembly, we wanted to create an inclusive community. We want anyone who cares about what we are building to feel a connection to our space and what we offer. The passion of our members, practitioners, instructors, and team should be shared well beyond these four walls.

Walking in here has always felt like stepping through a magic threshold. But the magic is more than the space, it’s what is being create within it. Now, we are opening the doors on this digital space to you.

When the letter arrived, we almost missed it. It arrived on a Friday in April. I opened it quickly and started to speed read (a bad habit of mine). It stopped me in my tracks. It took my breath away. It was a greeting from the building’s past. Olwen, a 98-year-old woman with a deep connection to this building was reaching out to give us a peek into its history. Her own words tell the story. Generations ago, this building was a space for women to find each other in times of loneliness  Sometimes all you need is a cup of tea and conversation. We could never had said it better. 

Olwen’s letter gave us the name of this site — four four nine is what they used to call this building. Is the address of The Assembly’s first home. It is the tie that will bind this community as we grow well beyond this space and this city.

Our four four nine will grow and develop as we do. To start, get a peek into some of our favorite programming from our first few months. Learn how to speak up for yourself in job interviews, how to listen to your own imposter syndrome, and learn about the booming cannabis industry. Meet our members and some of our favorite local businesses. Get to know us. Learn about our fitness program. Say hi anytime.

When the letter arrived, we almost missed it. It brings tears to my eyes every time I read it, or talk about it, or have a tough day building a business. I’m not much for faith, but I have a feeling the communities before, the ones within these walls and in this sacred place, wouldn’t have let us miss it. 

Welcome here. If you can come in for tea and a conversation, please do. If not, consider this our virtual space to feel connected to The Assembly. We are here for the conversation, please come in.

We are hoping that Olwen is able to visit us soon. I know she would love to see what this is becoming. We are so proud to continue in the rich history of this place, which is so much more than a building.



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