How to Drink Champagne Properly and Other Life Advice From Krug’s CEO

Maggie Henriquez is full of wisdom.

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Maggie Henriquez is the role model we all need in life. Born in Venezuela, Henriquez now leads France’s prestigious Krug Champagne house. Henriquez recently stopped by The Assembly for a Champagne 101 event and was generous with both the bubbles and her advice for achieving success. Gathering in the backyard on a sunny Friday, members collectively nodded their heads as Henriquez shared some serious truths.

Here were our favorite words of wisdom from Henriquez:

  • The most important asset you have is you. Believe in you.
  • Gratitude is the middle point between maximum humbleness and maximum arrogance.
  • When you don’t feel good, pause and start saying thank you.
  • When you don’t know something it’s OK. Just realize you don’t know it and go find out.
  • When you act like you know something and you don’t, it’s a disaster.
  • Fix your bad humor before you get off the toilet.
  • When you’re angry, don’t write or talk to anyone.
  • Arrogance is the tool of those who lack confidence.
  • When you have to have a discussion with a man, don’t bring five questions, bring one.
  • Frustrations are the size of expectations.
  • Don’t talk, just surprise people by exceeding their expectations.
  • If a stone hits an egg the egg breaks. If an egg hits a stone the egg breaks. Figure out if you’re a stone or an egg. If you’re an egg and you have a problem pack your luggage and go. Don’t try to fight the stone.
  • When you find a solution, go for it.
  • Do not negotiate your values.
  • Crisis present a great opportunity because people are ready for change.
  • Time is energy. The key is to understand what eats your energy.
  • Figure out the why, not just the what. The why will help you evolve.
  • Talk about yourself in a simple way everyone can understand.

Finally, Henriquez had this advice for sparkling lovers: for champagne, use a white wine glass, not a flute. Drinking out of a flute is like going to a concert wearing ear plugs. You’ll only hear the loud noise.

To find out more about Krug, download their iPhone app or Android app. With it, you can enter your bottle’s ID number and get information about the champagne, as well as musical pairings to listen to as you enjoy. We’ll cheers to that.

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