This Summer’s Astrology Gives You the Excuse You Need to Relax

There’s a whole lot of retrograde in store.

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You’ve heard of Mercury Retrograde, but are you ready for Mars Retrograde? What about Venus Retrograde? The second half of 2018 is packed with astrological events that will mess with your mojo. But according to astrologist Sherene Vismaya, this will also give you the perfect opportunity to slow down, put away your phones, and tie up loose ends in your life.

“The end of June through July is a time to do inner work,” Vismaya explained. At a Q&A previewing the summer stars, Vismaya told members that we should all take a big pause. On June 26, Mars goes into retrograde, which doesn’t happen that often. It will last until August 27. While Mercury Retrograde can make communication harder, Vismaya said Mars Retrograde might make you feel like you’re driving through life with the brakes on. Mars controls our physical energy and competitiveness. While it’s in retrograde, Vismaya suggested tending to our friendships and communities, as well as rethinking our long-term goals.

Finish What You Started this Summer

This summer, instead of launching new projects, Vismaya said you should revisit any outstanding goals. By July 26, we’ll be back in Mercury Retrograde until August 18. During this time, she recommended having tough conversations in person, instead of over text. Be prepared for communication mishaps.

Venus controls beauty and love, so avoid any drastic changes to your appearance during this time.

Come fall, we’ll be in Venus Retrograde — which only happens every few years. It starts October 5 and lasts until November 16. Venus controls beauty and love, so Vismaya recommended avoiding any drastic changes to your appearance during this time (like a new a haircut or botox) and said you should also take a break from dating. But be prepared… Vismaya said Venus Retrograde is a time when old lovers come back into our lives.

If you want to take astrology to the next level, Vismaya suggested you get a free chart on and then make an appointment with an astrologist like her. The best time to get a reading is either on your birthday or half birthday.

How to Plan Your Summer, According to the Stars

Want to make sure your summer stays in sync? Here are some tips straight from Vismaya, which you can use while planning your summer calendar:

  • June 14,15: A good time to host a dinner party at home with your friends, on account of the Cancer moon.
  • June 16, 17: Should be a fun party weekend. Vismaya recommended getting your friends together to do something glamorous.
  • June 18: Neptune is going into retrograde, which will reveal the less glamorous sides of life. Be ready for it.
  • June 20: This is a great time to declutter your life or try to get healthy, thanks to the first quarter moon moving into Virgo.
  • July 4: Nothing crazy will be happening for the holiday, but since the moon is in Pisces, you might enjoy being by water with all your favorite beverages. Perfect timing.
  • July 6: There is Aries moon, which means it’s a good time to narrow down your commitments and try to get things off your to-do list.
  • July 12: Take it easy and give your immune system some TLC, due to the moon solar eclipse in Cancer.

One more point! Vismaya said you should also be kind to Aquarians this summer. She predicts things will be moving quickly for them and it could be a period of change. So if you know anyone born between January 20 and February 18, give them extra love. And if you celebrate a birthday then, get ready. The stars have something in store for you this summer.

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