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Weekly Musings from our Co-Founder | March 21, 2018

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The thing you suck at is the thing you should be doing.

I was about eight minutes into class when I realized “oh, she’s not messing around.”

Kira Stokes, that is. Celebrity trainer, ball of energy, and motivator like I’ve never seen.

It had been a long day in NYC and I wanted see what The Stoked Method was all about…while quietly hiding myself in the corner of the room. There is no hiding in the corner with Kira. She stays right there with you. She carries the whole class with her from start to finish. She makes you know that she won’t bail on you, so don’t bail on her. I made it a goal to get her to The Assembly. So I’m thrilled to announce that you can come experience Kira for yourself March 30 – April 1 at So Stoked: The Festival!

The thing you suck at is the thing you should be doing.

When Kira asked about using jump ropes in Stoked360 at The Assembly, I immediately laughed off my jump rope skills (or lack thereof). She just responded with, “well, the thing you suck at is the thing you should be doing.” I jotted it down on a slip of paper and carried it with me for days. It’s so simple, yet it’s just what I needed to hear. We spend so much time optimizing our lives around our strengths that sometimes we forget the importance of fumbling through something.

The thing you suck at is the thing you should be doing.

It’s good for our bodies and our brains to try things. Plus, studies show that we see much higher results — mental, emotional, and physical — when we engage in group fitness than when we go at it alone. When it comes to health, it isn’t easy for anyone. It’s an exercise in humility to try a new class, a new workout, a new way of eating. So let’s go there together. Let’s take on the things we suck at stick with it for each other.

I’ll keep trying to jump rope if you will.

With that, I invite you to join our first ever fourbyfour. These month-long small group experiences are led by an expert instructor or teacher and built around a goal. For April, we’re working out four times a week, led by our founding instructor and advisor Tony Forte. We’re kicking it off at So Stoked: The Festival! Read more about joining the fourbyfour here (limited spots) and keep scrolling to snag your ticket to the festival.


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