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Weekly Musings from our Co-Founder | April 11, 2018

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Sundays are definitely having a moment. For some of us, it’s the day we nestle into our home routines — cleaning, laundry, preparing for the week ahead. For others, it’s the chance we take to gather with family for a meal or FaceTime call.

For so long, Sundays were accompanied by a sense of dread. Somewhere in the rise of self-care and slowing down — obv, we love — Sunday got a little less scary. That doesn’t necessarily mean our Mondays changed; work, school, and life pressure still exists. It means we’ve found small ways to stay mindful and focus more on the current day than the next.

We linger longer at the table. We do an art project with the kids. We allow a little more time for Netflix. We light a candle and do a face mask. We go to book club and meet someone new. We sweat with friends. We carve out a few hours of productivity on that side hustle. We actually, truly reset.

For each of us, there can be something sacred about Sunday. Something that we keep for ourselves, however small, as a chance to take on the week ahead. Fill up your emotional tank.

We love this Sunday moment. Whatever your Sunday needs, we hope you give yourself space for it.

If we could be so lucky, wanna spend Sunday with us? Our monthly chill vibes backyard brunch is back and once again we are raising money for La Casa De Las Madres. We also have two amazing workouts, cookie decorating class (a few spots left!), and book club.

See more details about Sunday and next week below.


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