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Weekly Musings from our Co-Founder | May 2, 2018

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One of my favorite nights at The Assembly so far was last week’s Vintage Denim Pop-up from the women of St Lightning. Beyond the racks of Levis, delicate jewelry, and killer tees was a lesson in female bonding, fast friendships, and community. I love to be a part of this movement around connection, support, and creation.

I walked away with three new pairs of pants that I certainly would not have ever had the confidence to pick up before this event, and a few takeaways that have stayed with me (just like these jeans will). So if you will, my life advice from vintage jeans shopping:

1. Don’t get hung up on a label. Truth: you are not going to wear your “normal” size in vintage. In fact, no two pairs will fit the same. We are all so conditioned to feel defeated by the size clothes we wear (much more on that another time), so how about this? Free yourself to separate your sense of self worth from a jean size.

2. Let the women around be your mirrors and cheerleaders. When your best friend for all of 2 minutes tells you that those jeans make your butt look great, believe her. Group vintage shopping is an exercise in #shinetheory* because “confidence is infectious.” Picture a room full of women, cheering each other on to find the best pair of jeans for her body. It was a small victory for the whole group any time a woman found her match. You’ll find this all over once you let a community of women build you up. Collaboration over competition every time.

3. See the potential in everything. So the hips fit perfect, but the waist is loose and the hem is a foot too long…don’t give up. When the soul of the jeans is right, there’s nothing a good tailor can’t fix. If you see the potential — the good, the diamond in the rough — it’s gonna take a bit of work to get there. Don’t write off the hard stuff, because you’ll miss the good stuff.

4. Take a risk. Now, every time I see a woman walk into The Assembly wearing a fly pair of vintage denim, I make sure she knows she looks good. Trying a new look (or job, or career, or class…you get it), is hard. So always let the women around you know you see them, and you’ve got their back.

More tips (and shopping nights) from the women of St Lightning to come and in the meantime, you can check out their store on Polk street.

Tonight, we are gathering more incredible women from Mother Mag, In Good Company, Vintner’s Daughter, Freda Salvador, and more, for a conversation about motherhood and entrepreneurship. If you can’t make it, we’ll share lots on our Instagram and *soon* in our content space!

This weekend, our Festival features fitness founder Eliza Shirazi from Boston, and local women founders of Carta Fragrance and Monastery skincare, to name a few. Ticket info below.

Lots more in the events. Come join; we can’t wait to see you.


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