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Weekly Musings from our Co-Founder | June 13, 2018

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It’s the season for fun and exploration. At The Assembly, exploration means not only going out and trying new things (Camping! Traveling! Hiking! Wine tasting!), but exploring what it means to carve out time for yourself amidst all that.

When my schedule feels like a lot I get anxious about finding time to sweat, making sure I’m eating what makes me feel good, and giving myself a moment to unwind. If that rings true for you, we got ya, girl

Some little things that help keep me grounded:

  • Taking Instagram off my home screen for a bit (personally, I need a reminder to not mindlessly watch what everyone else is doing)
  • Ducking out early from group activities
  • Scheduling out workouts and recruiting a friend to go to each of them
  • Going outside for a walk around your neighborhood and call your mom/dad/person
  • Knowing that doing any or all of those things is totally okay

You always deserve to explore what makes you feel 💯.

This summer at The Assembly, we want you to do both. We have adventure, an expanded schedule of our signature classes, and a community that loves to simply chill.

Speaking of doing both, Charlee Atkins and her famous Le Stretch/Le Sweat classes are coming to The Assembly on June 22-24! I loved checking out her classes in NYC and can’t wait to have Le Fun with all of you!

We have a new summer fitness schedule coming out on Monday so keep an eye out for new classes, new times, and new instructors check out.

Details and sign ups below!


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