A Few Words from Molly

Weekly Musings from our Co-Founder | July 6, 2018

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This email is late this week. Sometimes it’s best just to acknowledge that, right?

Something I’ve been working on is just that: acknowledging where I’m at (and just how late I’m going to be to dinner 🙈). Ever since The Assembly opened, I’ve been a little less available to those that I love — my husband, my friends, my family. It’s not intentional…and also, I don’t know if there is an end in sight. I love running The Assembly. I love making space for all our members and meeting the community. I love the team and being inside 449 14th with all of you.

I can still be better about acknowledging it. Telling the people that matter to you that they matter….matters. Following it up with action is also important, but words with intention are a start.

Hey, you. I love you. And I know I haven’t been as present as I’d like to be. That doesn’t mean I care any less.

Be vulnerable about where you are. The people you love who love you back will understand and meet you there.

What’s something you want to acknowledge this week? Thanks for your patience with me, world. There are lots of goodies waiting below — including visiting instructor Bethany C Meyers, Bollywood dance, and the women of Scribe — so I hope it’s worth the wait.


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