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Weekly Musings from our Co-Founder | July 16, 2018

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Hey you,

I haven’t been reading enough (said everyone ever). As an avid consumer of all things written, spoken, and created, I feel behind. I usually stockpile at least 15 thought provoking and incredible things I’ve read recently that I want to share. I will get back to that place — and I will share them — and until then here’s this. It’s a smattering of what I’m loving in this mid-July moment:

Cook to feel summery, sophisticated, healthy, and satisfied: salads with grains mixed in. I’m really feeling warm farro tossed in with crunchy, refreshing salads. Here’s a recipe I like (there’s another one in the Alison Roman Dining In book in the kitchen at The Assembly). You can totally freestyle this, just find a way to include apple cider vinegar.

Recapture your youth while looking chic: in overalls. I bought my first pair of adult overalls from the brand Loup earlier this year. I just got them in another color. They feel summery and comfortable and convenient (pockets!) in the best ways. For more traditional ones, I’ve heard great things about the Madewell styles. My next frontier: the coverall. Taking recs.

Highly highly endorse: bodies of water. I’m participating in (and v scared about) the Trans Tahoe Relay this Saturday. To “train” I have gone swimming exactly three times in the past 10 days. Water is magical and freeing and refreshing. Every time I step out of a body of water, I feel a little reborn. Even a public pool in the city (I have recs!) is worth the trip. The Assembly swim lessons/swim club?

Spend one hour: watching Nanette on Netflix. Someone has probably already told you to do this (it might have been me). Maybe you started it and stopped within the first 20 minutes, wondering why people are so amped up over a comedy special. Go back, keep watching. If you need more convincing, here’s one of the many insightful pieces articulating why it’s so important.

Shameless, but truly adore: The Assembly color-changing water bottle. It’s the kind of throwback that takes you on a journey through youth sports (even if you hated them) and the lost sensation of actually feeling cold water in your hand on a warm day (insulated bottles be damned). This WILL leak all over your bag. This WILL leave a giant water puddle on the table. Still, it’s so fun to carry around The Assembly and truly has motivated me to hydrate more. Find one in The Shop.

To do during a long Lyft or commute: Read Heather Day’s reflections on four years of being a full-time artist, Follow The Wandering Line; listen to this CYG episode on finding body positivity within yourself, “Hot Bods” (with a shout out to Assembly woman Myisha!); read anything and everything Roxane Gay has written about the transformation she is going through including, but not limited to, this piece on exercise and power post-gastric bypass.

Keep reading: our book club book and the rest of this email. LOL, but really. The Class by TT with instructor Erin Ward returns to The Assembly in August — sign ups are open now (see below)! Also our next visiting instructor, Nancy Anderson, is here to take care of all the moms, moms-to-be, and women curious about postnatal fitness.


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