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Sometimes you have to try a lot of things to find the one that makes you unstuck. When I get in those places, I remind myself to run.

Right, left, right. You, are, okay. Left, right, left. You are moving forward. Right, left right. No matter what you think you’re doing wrong, you are moving forward in your life. Left, right, left. You, are, powerful.

Running first got me unstuck in the depths of my most challenging year personally, physically, emotionally. Running is the most humbling form of exercise and the most gratifying.

As women (especially, not exclusively) we spend so much of our lives considering our bodies. Do we love them enough? Is it okay not to sometimes? One of the only times when I turn that off entirely is when I am pushing myself forward at literally any speed, putting on a podcast or a playlist or nothing at all, and just doing the thing that first broke me free.

When I run, I am grateful for my legs. For their ability to carry me, most times without pain. They are powerful, which I know means so much more than how they fit into clothes, but I need a reminder as much as anyone.

I talk to so many women who don’t “consider themselves runners” even if they hit the pavement a few times a week or a month. I promise you, if you want to be and your body allows you, you are a runner. As much as I am. As much as the woman next to you.

Here’s a little secret: most runs, I stop to walk sometimes. Sometimes I say F It and just stop at the nearest coffee shop and enjoy a walk home. Running is what you make it.

It’s about running, but it’s about life. What’s your unstuck, personal, powerful thing?

Today at 6:30pm our The Assembly Run Club starts. Come see what it’s about, even if you don’t want to run this time. (It’s also National Running Day. That was a coincidence, but it will explain an explosion of running in your insta feed and if that motivates you to come…well, great.)

Come join me, Tony, and Chelseah for our twice a week group jaunt around different parts of the city. We will be training for a race together soon (details to come).

As always, I hope to see you there.

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