Your [Insert Goal] Is a Muscle, Work It Here

Weekly Musings from our Co-Founder | August 9, 2018

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Welcome new faces and welcome back to those of you who read these words every week-ish.

I’m Molly, the co-founder and CEO of The Assembly. Forgive me if you’ve heard this all before.

A year ago this month, our first 15 Assembly members joined (hello, you!). They joined The Assembly based on a conversation with me and a big empty building. They joined The Assembly based a vision and promise of building a true inclusive community between women in San Francisco first, then hopefully the world. They have been some of our biggest cheerleaders and our truest mirrors.

Since then, as The Assembly has grown — members, visitors, instructors, team, followers from afar — the first 300 subscribers to this newsletter have turned into thousands. Writing this every week is like dusting off an old set of weights or stepping back onto the yoga mat after a while. The writing muscles I spent most of my life building had been atrophied by years without that creativity. The words still don’t come easy — I force myself to look dead on at both the criticism and the praise — but I know over time it will flow easier.

You’ve heard it before: writing is a muscle. Do it every day. In that same vein, critical thinking is a muscle. Curiosity is a muscle. Compassion is a muscle. Your actual muscles are also…muscles.

These days, the clubhouse has entrepreneurs taking the leap sitting right next to someone taking a pause to water color. Every Wednesday at 3 we all stretch together. Witnessing collaborations in business and life, friendships forming, and opportunities to feel a little less isolated in this city remind me that at the heart of this is our steadfast belief that building a space focused on communal wellness and well-being is critical.

The Assembly was created so every day you can take a class, take care of yourself, take a pause, and take a risk and say hi to someone new. Do it all in a space that is designed to rethink what urban community space looks and feels like.

Curious? I’ll be writing more about the vision and mission of The Assembly on our content site, four four nine. I’m working to strengthen a few of my muscle groups — bravery, focus, patience, arms, sentence-crafting without lists — I’d always love to hear the practices you use to strengthen yours.


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