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Molly’s Weekly Newsletter | October 4, 2018

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Hello Again,

A few weeks ago, one of my best friends bought herself a fancy vintage butter dish. When I asked her why, she said “During the opening weekend of The Assembly, at the panel with the artists who created the space, Sara Combs said that when you love something you should find a way to make it special, no matter how small it is. And I love butter.”

Making a ritual special — saving my favorite workout socks for a class I love, a playlist to listen to while using the face mask that makes you feel really good, reading a few pages of a book instead of staring at your phone before falling asleep in clean sheets, a fancy butter dish — is self-care beyond the buzz word. Controlled, calming, joyful.

We want to have the hard conversations and take action together. We also always want you to take care of yourself. Take pleasure in a small thing that brings you happiness. Even — especially — if it’s an ordinary daily practice. Give it space to be exceptional. Get that fancy butter dish.

The details matter to Sara and Rich Combs, creators of The Joshua Tree House and designers of The Assembly. They have captured an energy around making the ordinary special, pausing when you can, using your hands to build a space that reflects your values, and getting to know the natural world around you.

Next month, they are returning to The Assembly for a weekend to celebrate the release of their new book At Home in Joshua Tree and they are bringing along some of their friends for workshops and conversations, and to showcase their work.

This week, whatever the thing is for you (maybe it’s butter?), make it special.

And always, always, if you want space to talk, listen, be heard, be silent and calm, come find us.

Jam of the week: “Figure it Out” Chaos Chaos. Because we will. Because forward is the option, even when it doesn’t feel like forward.

Check out the details of Sara and Rich’s The Joshua Tree House weekend at The Assembly. I hope to see you in the clubhouse soon. 


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