New Things to Love (and Watch, and Read, and Touch)!

Molly’s Weekly Newsletter | August 23, 2018

Hi there,

Back to school was always a mixed bag of emotions. (Though, truly…what isn’t?) Beginnings and endings feel sticky and unsettled, even when they’re expected. It’s that fluttering of anticipation for what’s next, no matter how much you tell yourself to savor what’s now. Even two decades out from my last first day of school, this time of year has that feeling. It’s time to start something new. New (to me) things I love:

Touch your face. If you’ve chatted with me in the past month, you’ll know I cannot stop talking about facial massage. This week, we had the remarkable Julie Lynge in teaching us her techniques – grab your favorite serum (my favorite is Monastery, which we sell in The Shop) and get in there.

Words I can’t stop thinking about: “In the last five years, I’ve written a best-selling book, gotten engaged, gotten promoted, and worked on a television show. I’ve also gained 20 pounds. Guess which one I think about the most.

That nagging goal that keeps coming back to me: running an ultramarathon. I love reading normal people’s running stories — because running is for everyone — like this from comedian Michelle Wolf who recently ran her first ultramarathon (this page has obnoxious pop ups — sorry).

Recommended not because everyone else has, but because it’s good and important: Crazy Rich Asians. And I’ll always be that person…read the book first.

Podcast I really want someone else to listen to so we can discuss: Slow Burn season two about the Bill Clinton impeachment. It’s fascinating to reflect on what I thought I knew at the time about that situation, what I’ve come to think about it in the decades since, and how it feels to learn more about it now as an adult woman a decade older than Monica Lewinsky was at the time. Podcast club, anyone?

Come talk to me about starting something. In two weeks, some incredible women are coming together to talk about just that. Assembly member, writer, podcast host, and author of one of my favorite reads this summer, Charlotte Walsh Likes to Win, Jo Piazza is joining political activist Kimberly Ellis (and perhaps some more special guests) for an evening all about how to Just Start. Your book, your organization, your movement — it’s time. Come share, ask, and start.

And then, festival returns! We’re embracing our own kind of Back to School on September 8-9 with a weekend festival featuring Megan Roup creator of The Sculpt Society, crafts, live music, “school picture day” area, and so much more. More lineup announcements to come — but grab your hall pass, ticketing opens now!

Finally, thank you for all your kind notes about last week’s newsletter. Just, thank you. Take care of yourself this week, okay?

Hope to see you soon.


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