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Molly’s Newsletter | August 30, 2018

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Hey there,

I’m a procrastinator. Thinking back on my school days, I was always finding a way to do things at the very last minute. I love to push a deadline, crank something out in the eleventh hour (like, ahem, this newsletter every week), and revel in the thrill of just barely getting the assignment done.

I slide into workout classes one minute after the start time. I scribble my sentiments in the card as I’m sitting outside the birthday party. I pack my bag when the airport ride is waiting outside.

The procrastinator lives within all of us. It may look a little different for you, but there is the thing you put off looking at, thinking about, and addressing. Pushing away things that are hard is human. Working and re-working all the steps along the way until it feels unachievable is human. Procrastination is human.

This will always be one of my weaknesses (and weaknesses are a-okay 👌 by me), but it’s also the source of one of my greatest realizations.

You will look back at this time and wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. When you cross the threshold into knowing you are ready, you are ready. You already possess the tools you need to make it happen. 

When you do the thing (and only you know what the thing is for you), you will not regret having done it. It’s as small as going on that run and as big as derailing the path you’re on. Both those things can feel big and terrifying. Don’t compare your challenge to others, because trepidation part of the process. That said: press send.

When you give yourself the space to do what you truly need, it is always worth it.  

We are here to create the spaces — physically and mentally — for you to do that. Our festivals and celebrations and workouts and events are conduits for this work. Come by.

This is just the beginning of this conversation and it’s one we want to have with you. If what you need is a nudge, I’m here to nudge you. See you in the clubhouse.


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