Thank you, Dr. Ford. Thank you, you.

Molly’s Weekly Newsletter | September 27, 2018

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“Thinking of you today, Christine. They want us to feel alone and isolated but I’m there wrapping my arms around you and I hope you feel the people of this nation wrapping their arms around all of us. Holding you up in spirit.” — Debbie Ramirez to Dr. Christine Blasey Ford 

Thank you, Dr. Blasey Ford. Your courage and bravery are the very definition of incredible. We are grateful for your strength, your intelligence, your composure. You don’t need to have any of those things. No survivor or human does. But, oh my, are you ever brave, strong, smart, and composed. They are isolating you, but you are not alone. Thank you and I hope you feel the support of all of us holding you up.

This hearing — which feels more she’s on trial than he’s being evaluated for a job — is underway as I write this. The outcome doesn’t exist yet, but the outcome is already monumental. It is our duty to make sure it matters.

We believe you, Dr Ford and we still believe you Anita Hill, and all of you have or haven’t or will or won’t ever tell your story. For all the vulnerable individuals whose bodies and autonomy have been ripped away, belief is a step; we need to care.

We believe you. It matters. We care. 

The responsibility for this cannot lie solely with women. The women are speaking out and holding each other up. And we need to make this the job of everyone who cares — yes, men, you too. We are organized. We have spaces like this one. We have our votes.

What happens to our bodies at the hands and wills of others changes the course of our lives and the lives around us. These are not blips in a path, they become the path.

Read: This twitter thread from Aminatou Snow. “Our bodies are just weigh stations on the way to the rest of their lives.”

Jam of the Week: Welcome back, Robyn. We’ve missed you. 

One last thing — take care of yourself, okay? Your mental health and wellbeing is more important than the news cycle, always know that. It’s okay to take breaks from the onslaught of commentary to set the boundaries you need.


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