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Molly’s Weekly Newsletter | September 13, 2018

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Hey there,
It’s my last week of being this age. I will save the waxing poetic about that until next week. So until then, a few things to think about, read, listen to, and try.

Take the Leap…or Skip It: Life is about a lot of things, but timing is one of them. With all the pressure to “just start” we forget to talk about the other side of this. Allow yourself to skip it. Don’t let your big idea become your albatross. Abandon ideas to free up brain space. This essay about Idea Debt help me change the way I forgive myself for not always just doing it.

Listen to your body: The “Sex Hurts” episode of the Bodies podcast starts with one woman’s surprising pain. Through her experience, I was surprised by what I learned about the history of the birth control pill and reminded of the importance of advocating for yourself.

Be Angry: Some of the best pieces I read on Serena Williams this week from Gillian B White, Soroya McDonald, and Rebecca Traister. Sometimes a silver lining of terrible situations is incredible, inspiring, motivating writing from passionate women.

Be Comfy: Find me a more perfect fall shirt than the waffle knit. I’ll wait. Also, in a moment of pro-Nike consumerism I snagged this throwback sweatshirt, which is bringing me all sorts of joy.

Something to Try: I find it hard to have a daily meditation practice, but I have been trying to count out 20-30 slow deep breaths as soon as I wake up focusing on something like “I’m thankful” or “I’m okay.” I didn’t make this up, but it’s a small moment that calms me down when I wake up anxious (lol, always).

Jam of the Week: “You” by Morgan Saint

Tell me something you have been loving. We love recommendations. We’ll share them on our instagram this week.

See you soon, I hope.


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