The Haircut that Helped Me Feel Like Myself Again After Having a Baby

Wabi Sabi Beauty on Valencia hooked it up.

Six weeks after giving birth to my daughter, Lucie, we had a breakthrough. She smiled. A real smile. Not an accidental, half-asleep, milk-drunk smile.

This “social smile” coincided with Lucie becoming less of a blob. She now slept longer chunks and had the hang of breastfeeding. After a month and a half of survival mode, I came out of the cloud and suddenly felt like I could actually manage this.

My permanent messy bun reminded me how badly I needed some time for myself.

Fast forward to six months later . . . I was still waiting for another breakthrough. We’d been through more milestones, like sleeping through the night, trying solid food, and spending days apart from each other thanks to our nanny share. But it still felt like I was running a race with no end, which had started months before. Dark circles had taken out a long-term lease on my face, and my permanent messy bun reminded me how badly I needed some time for myself. Even if it was just a few minutes to brush my hair. When would I start looking — and more importantly feeling — like myself again?

Getting a Break at Wabi Sabi Beauty

I found the break I needed at Wabi Sabi Beauty, a eco beauty and wellness studio located at 888 Valencia Street. I came across Kristina Welzien, the owner, thanks to perks offered to members of The Assembly. (Kristina gives discounts for members.) It had been a while since I had a regular stylist, so I was in the market for a new one but didn’t have the time to find one. Since Wabi Sabi Beauty is just a few blocks from The Assembly, I could sneak away there one day while Lucie was in childcare. Perfect.  

From the moment I entered Kristina’s light-filled oasis, I knew I was in for a treat. You welcome yourself at Wabi Sabi Beauty. Kristina has a station set up with water, tea, dark chocolate, and other treats. I made myself a tray and headed to the lounge area, complete with soothing chair warmers. Sinking into the chair, I flipped through a book all about the Japanese art of Wabi Sabi. I was immediately on board with the lifestyle approach that favors simplicity and natural objects. Kristina chose to name her space Wabi Sabi Beauty based on my love for Japanese culture and philosophies. She told me: “I believe all is beauty, our excellence and our imperfections. I wish for all people to see this too and to be gentle with themselves.”

Kristina escorted me to her chair. After we chatted through what I wanted and I showed her a few pics on my phone, I plugged my iPhone into a hidden “charging station.” Wabi Sabi Beauty strives to be a 99 percent no-device zone. “In a society that is highly over stimulated, receiving services with us offers people space to rejuvenate on a mind, body, spirit level, as a whole person,” Welzien explained. They’re not militant about it, but they make it easy for you to take a digital break.

A Haircut I Could Handle

After our consultation, Kristina began to work her magic with my hair. Wabi Sabi uses natural and locally-sourced products, like New Wash and Reverie. And Kristina takes a practical approach to styling her clients’ hair. I told her that I typically air dry my hair, so she avoided a perfectly-polished blowout. She wanted me to see how the cut would actually look after I did it myself.

I may have the dark circles, but I feel lighter.

After Kristina finished, I took in the new look. Inches were gone from my hair. But instead of feeling like a new person, the haircut made me feel like myself again. I may have the dark circles, but I feel lighter. I know I’ll be back to Wabi Sabi Beauty to check out their other services, which include makeup tutorials, facials, and even clairvoyant energy readings.

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